Saturday, July 15, 2017

Vetements x Levis Collab!

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The Look: Vetements x Levis Collab

Fun Fact: This was by far one of my most favourite collabs on the season. I looooove Vetements and have been collecting vintage Levis since I was a teenager. But both of them together!!! OMG! I love the zippers and the mismatched pockets and how this jean jacket was re-worked back together. It's so exciting when brands come together to create these beautiful pieces. Since I'm a denim junkie I fell hard for these pieces. Plus my boyfriend surprised me and got me this jacket for my Birthday... he knows me so well! lol! 

Jacket- Vetements x Levis (get it in black denim here!)
Pants- Vetements x Levis
Hat- Balenciaga
Shoes- Balenciaga

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Paula Lopes said...

Wonderful photoshoot, I loved all the photos. Have a great day.

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Tijana Bosnjakov said...

wooow amazing shoes!

Miki à la Mode said...

These denim pieces are freaking amazing! What a fun collab! I love your boots. So fab!


Caro * said...

Amazing style ! You are fabulous ! I love your shoes. Kisses ;)

SwissTwins said...

You look amazing<3
Follow for follow? please let me know

andreeacarro said...

I love dtotal look on denim with the poiny with colour


Stanislava Bosnjakov said...

Nice picture!

Ilija Cvetkov said...

Great post, I like it :)fantastic outfit and amazing boots :)

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Midnight Cowgirl said...

What an awesome look!

amely rose said...

Wow what an amazing look,
I adore the boots, love These bright Colors.

with love your AMELY ROSE

stitchfit said...

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Victoria said...

Loved this post, and love the Vetements x Levi's collection!

Amy-Anne Williams said...

You look flawless omg, I adore your style. And your hair! I'm so jealous, I'd love to be bombshell blonde with long locks like that! The lcoation is super charming too.

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